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-"Slipping completely into her varied roles, Benitez creates detailed, captivating characters. She has a palpable chemistry with the luminous Pekar, and the women make the scenes between Rifkele and Manke — and the Yiddish theater actresses portraying the characters — tender and powerful."

Miami Herald



-" Hannah Benitez lends Yekel’s daughter, Rifkele, an aura of optimism and innocence. By contrast, Kelly Pekar’s wide, daring eyes instill prostitute Manke with a sense of primitive seduction. Together, the pair, the lesbian lovers of The God of Vengeance, share an alluring chemistry."

Theatre Criticism: Southeast

-"A standout discovery in Benitez. She brings a touching vulnerability to Rose, a wounded bird who nevertheless has a powerful singing voice, notably on the hopeful “Nothing Short of Wonderful” and the bitter first act finale, “Pretty Funny.”

Florida Theatre OnStage

-" played with a carefree, understated, yet fun-loving spirit by Hannah Benitez.

Theatre Criticism: Regional Theater, Southeast

-" Benitez’s knowing, smart, seductive Joan."

Miami Herald

-"It’s tempting to turn Daphna into a witch, but Hannah Benitez avoids the trap. Sarcasm and viciousness lie beneath her disarming charm. There are times when it’s hard to find much to like about her, but Benitez finds the vulnerability in the character."

Theatrical Musings



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