-"Slipping completely into her varied roles, Benitez creates detailed, captivating characters. She has a palpable chemistry with the luminous Pekar, and the women make the scenes between Rifkele and Manke — and the Yiddish theater actresses portraying the characters — tender and powerful."

Miami Herald



-" Hannah Benitez lends Yekel’s daughter, Rifkele, an aura of optimism and innocence. By contrast, Kelly Pekar’s wide, daring eyes instill prostitute Manke with a sense of primitive seduction. Together, the pair, the lesbian lovers of The God of Vengeance, share an alluring chemistry."

Theatre Criticism: Southeast


-" played with a carefree, understated, yet fun-loving spirit by Hannah Benitez.

Theatre Criticism: Regional Theater, Southeast

-" the wonderfully droll Hannah Benitez."

Florida Theatre On Stage

-" Benitez’s knowing, smart, seductive Joan."

Miami Herald

- "A talented Hannah Benitez is incredibly engaging as Rose Fenny. She has an impressively natural connection to the character, and we readily get her sense of humor as well as her take on humanity. The fact that she plays Rose with a strong sense of self, rather than being overly shy and vulnerable, makes her all the more charming and likable. Her emotional delivery of the song "Pretty Funny" is one of the highlight of the show."

Talking Broadway



-"A standout discovery in Benitez. She brings a touching vulnerability to Rose, a wounded bird who nevertheless has a powerful singing voice, notably on the hopeful “Nothing Short of Wonderful” and the bitter first act finale, “Pretty Funny.”

Florida Theatre OnStage


-"It’s tempting to turn Daphna into a witch, but Hannah Benitez avoids the trap. Sarcasm and viciousness lie beneath her disarming charm. There are times when it’s hard to find much to like about her, but Benitez finds the vulnerability in the character."

Theatrical Musings

-" Benitez’s tour de force as the quirky, jittery and neurotic Daphna, nervously toying with her unruly hair and operating like a verbal open fire hydrant. She creates a force of nature driven by a black hole inside herself.

-" ...she may be best known for her gentle vulnerable heroine in Slow Burn Theatre’s Dogfight – the inverse of this character."

Florida Theatre Onstage



- "Kate (Hannah Benitez) and Edith (Kelly Pekar) come across as intergalactic Shangra- La's. Sometimes they seem like Valley Girls (Valley Aliens?). "

Broadway World


- "The puppet Fang is striking in appearance and operated skillfully by Benitez."

-- "Benitez as Curly is dependable, caring, resourceful and just possibly in love with Lyzbet — though that potential appears more in the emotional tone Benitez brings to her lines than in the lines themselves."

Creative Loafing


- "and Hannah Benitez as their sister Ruth, provide compelling characters that add to the chaotic nature of this exceedingly difficult family."

Broadway World


"Ruth" Mad Cow Theatre